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** THE BEST *** Travel Folding Adjustable ** CANE **

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The BEST CANE you can own.

You can't buy any better. 

Makes a wonderful gift for 

anyone who can use the


The BEST CANE to travel with.

Wherever you go, you will enjoy owning this folding cane.

Most canes are forbidden on air carriers. Not the BEST CANE!


I have been using canes for 15 years because I am disabled.

I have owned dozens of canes.

No one cane ever came close to the


With it's lifetime warranty, how can you go wrong?

The BEST CANE folds to a compact 10" and can be conveniently tucked away for storage. Wonderful at restaurants or whenever you want it out of the way. Its sleek styling includes a comfortable contour grip, black anodized aluminum shaft and non-slip rubber tip. 

 Offers a lifetime limited warranty and has a weight limitation of 250 lbs.

$95.00 Retail
Free Shipping and Handling



If you would rather pay by check or money order contact me by email , Dennis.
Direct questions to: TheBestCane@aol.comMobility products such as canes, crutches and walkers are prescribed for patients needing mobility assistance for daily activities, but who are not as incapacitated as those needing mobility products like wheelchairs. Canes, crutches and walkers can be used during short-term injury or post-operative recovery or for chronic and intermittent conditions such as: vertigo, arthritis, orthopedic injuries, injuries, stroke, congestive heart failure, weakness from cancer treatment, cancer, lawsuit, lawsuits, liability, pediatric canes, pediatrics, pediatric, canes, wooden canes, wooden cane, wooden, all sizes, stand-up assist canes, Medical Supplies & Equipment provides an extensive selection of mobility products with numerous styles of canes, crutches and walkers. Our mobility products specialists will assist you in choosing the most appropriate product for your age, size and lifestyle. We offer mobility products that meet insurance, Medicare and Medicaid mobility products requirements, walking aids, walking aid 
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